Quick Update!

What is the life of A laid bare all about?


Love – I will share the good and the bad, the embarrassing moments and the cringe worthy failures. Hopefully I will be sharing some triumphs too but nothing is off limits.

Life – I will answer all your questions about my life. I will be sharing events that happen, days that could be better and times when I’m feeling on top of the world. I will share my experiences and hopes and dreams for the future and will hopefully put them into action.

Food – I love food. Couldn’t live without it. I will be sharing recipes I adore, foods I can’t get enough of, the best places to eat, travel guide to eating and food tips and tricks.

Fitness – I will be laying my life completely bare here. Right now I’m not happy with the way I am, but that will change. Here I will be logging my fitness journey to loosing weight, getting stronger, healthier and feeling the most confident I’ve been. I will be posting regular updates and being completely honest as to how I feel and the struggles and hurdles I may face through this journey.



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