My Skin Story – Chapter 1

My Skin Story – Chapter 1

Firstly I would like to apologise to Caroline Hirons if she ever reads what I’m about to say. Not even a cup of tea and a blog rant could repair this shock.

Skin Issues;

As a young teenager I’d say I had relatively good skin. I had the usual odd spot or two on my chin at my TOTM, but I didn’t mind that, especially as I went to an all girls school. However, I had awful trouble with my forehead. It was very bumpy with spots that would never come through and instead sat underneath the skin mocking me.

I was told by many people that it was because if my hair ever touched my skin, or even got a little bit greasy, it would cause all those bumps. Sadly, I believed them. I would wash my hair furiously every day, always wore my hair up and wished the bumps away. They didn’t budge and I’m not surprised.

I then took to having the most awful hair style choice on me. I got bangs. A full fringe. It was not pretty.

I decided if I couldn’t get rid the the bumps, I’d hide them. But it made no difference. I knew they were still there and that nothing I did would get rid of them. Only now I had to deal with blow drying a full fringe, that had a mind of it’s own, to look presentable. Safe to say I grew out the fringe, but I did make the mistake of bringing  it back a couple of years later.

Make up;

I reached an age where makeup became acceptable to wear, even if my school band it, and instantly thought “YES! No one will see those bumps now!”. Oh lord. I’m just thinking back to all the ways I used to apply makeup and the products I would use. I am barely able to apply the most minimal makeup now, so you can only imagine the car crash of tide lines, orange tones and brush marks that ended up on my face.

I’ll give you a quick run down of the products I used because the shock factor comes in the way I applied it. I’d start with the cheapest moisturiser I could find, then would come primer, however, I didn’t have an inkling that it existed then. For foundation I would use whatever was on offer in Boots at the time, in the closest shade to white I could find. I was as pale as a ghost. I used the darkest shade in Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Palette, keep in mind I was very fair with light blonde hair. See, car crash. I also used that same product for my eyeliner without changing brushes. I used Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara. Then I would “apply” a thick layer of Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. Just imagine an exploding bag of flour.

As you can probably guess, that didn’t help my skin at all. Especially when I washed my makeup brushes once, maybe every……three months, if I was being good. (Start boiling the kettle Caroline.) Which is bad, but surely not the worst. We’ve all made mistakes when we were younger with products we’ve used and how often we washed our brushes. But that was before I had the most idiotic revelation, even more so then the horrid fringe.

I also had extremely flushed red cheeks, along with the bumps, and I wanted rid of them just as much. I figured Sudocrem was the best thing for the job. (Sudocrem in Ireland is like a holy grail and to speak out against it is blasphemy.) Be prepared to cringe. So I would spread, yes, spread, a thick layer of Sudocrem all over my cheeks right down to my jaw line and pat the foundation over it with a RT buffing brush to give the appearance of cheeks that matched the rest of my skin tone. Can you imagine the texture? Told you you’d cringe.

I had so much product on my face that the next day, I would only have to use what was left over on my brush from the day before. As I said, I didn’t regularly clean them so by week 10 the brush was pretty disgusting.

Skincare Routine:

This bit is where the apology to Caroline comes in. Brace yourself. Put down the tea. I did that makeup routine for three years and in those three years, I NEVER washed my face. If I ever did, I would use a wipe that stung my face. I know, oh trust me I know. It’s a wonder my face didn’t fall off, but now you can see why those bumps prevailed.

And Now…?

Well those bumps are still there, as are the red cheeks. However, over the years my skin got consistently worse. Just under two years ago I had enough and went to my GP. She diagnosed me with acne, which was both a relief and broke my heart a little bit. All I knew about acne was the horror stories. I was completely lost until I found Caroline Hirons. 

From stepping into the doctors office that day a whole new chapter started in my battle to clear skin and as this blog post is far too long already I’ll continue it in another post.


Let me know about your skin story and any mistakes you made skincare or makeup wise I’d be fascinated to read them. I had no blogs or Youtube videos to reference when I was initially struggling with my skin so I hope if you feel alone in your battle with your skin that maybe you feel less alone now. Please do check out Caroline’s blog because  it has saved my skin, especially after being diagnosed with acne. I’m still fighting it but I’ll have to tell you about that next time.



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