Taking Control Of My Life – 14 Day Challenge

Taking Control Of My Life – 14 Day Challenge

The last few weeks have been a bit manic. Hence my absence from the blog! With time being tight and always in a rush from one place to another I had to prioritise my time for sleep rather than going to the gym.

In one ill thought out moment, my friend and I decided that a Mc Donalds run at 1am in the morning was a good idea. Slippery slope. I also haven’t had the time to make the healthiest of foods lately, but that was more down to excuses.

In the 1-2 weeks that I’ve been neglecting my health I’ve really felt a difference and certainly not a good one. I’m struggling to stay awake after every meal, my fitness has gone right down and I get grumpy a lot faster. Don’t poke the bear!

I’ve had enough of feeling like I’ve lost all control of who I am and with only a mere  15 weeks to go until my “goal date” I decided to take charge.

I’ve set out a list of targets and goals to accomplish over the next two weeks starting today (Monday 11th Sept). I will (hopefully) be doing weekly updates on how I’m finding it. I will be honest and frank about it, there’s no point sugar-coating this.

I hope you will follow along with me and encourage other people you know to do it too! Keep me posted in the comments or tweet using the hashtag #RoadToSkinny #14DayChallenge.


  • No sugar if possible. Admittedly one of my biggest downfalls of late.
  • Min 2 Liters water a day. Something I would never be able to do if it wasn’t for my Hydrate M8 bottle.
  • Mainly eating fruit and vegetables, more nutrients, feel fuller, less cravings.
  • Make sure to take my supplements. Let me know if you want me to do a separate blog post on the supplements I take!
  • Workout 6 days a week doing Lucy Wyndham Read’s workouts, especially her new challenge.
  • No bread or pasta. Personally I feel it’s empty nutrition that always leaves me bloated. However I’m not against carbs!
  • No dairy. I shouldn’t be having dairy anyway because I’m allergic to lactose.
  • No takeaways. I totally didn’t have one today, oops!
  • No chocolate. Unless it’s the Freeist chocolate. (contains 0 sugar)
  • Try to be sensible with my bedtime. Getting 8 hours sleep even if it means sacrificing that last YouTube video.
  • Turn these 2 weeks into another 30 days and then hopefully a lifestyle.
  • Push myself harder than ever before and remind myself I’m doing it for me.


  • Loose weight.
  • Get stronger
  • Be confident
  • Be happy being me and how I am and look.
  • Be healthy.
  • Be happy.
  • Hopefully have not cheated or fallen at any hurdles in the 14 days,

You only have to work hard at improving your health and fitness once and then maintain it. However, if you go up and down and don’t commit to it, you will always have to work hard. The key is to stick with the healthy eating and exercise because it is working towards a goal you know will make you happy. Don’t think you’re sacrificing anything because all you’re doing is putting yourself in a negative mindset that might impact the outcome of all your hard work.

Change something in your life that will bring you happiness, even if it’s not losing weight. Work towards something that will put a smile on your face.

You’re locked in your body, it’s a kind of trial. You can use it as a weapon, or to make someone smile. – Inspired by Leonard Cohen.

                                                               – A



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