Cosy Nights In With A Good Book

Cosy Nights In With A Good Book

Dear readers, if any of you have been talking to me on social media you will know I am book MAD. There’s nothing better than lighting the fire, getting cosy on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea and delving into a good book.

I’m the type of person that when I come to the end of a book I absolutely have to have one already lined up to read. Lately I’ve been struggling to find a good book and then I thought, hang on, all of you that read my blog are from all over the world, are different ages, ethnicity, genders, religions and I had you all at my finger tips!

And so this idea was born!

I’d like to start a book club with you guys. We all decide on a book and underneath all my “book club” posts and on social media we can have a good natter about it! What do you think?

Let me know how often you want posts on this, don’t forget you’ll have to give yourself enough time to read the book as well! If you have any suggestions on what books to read then please leave them below!

– A


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