What I eat In A Day To Lose Weight

What I eat In A Day To Lose Weight

A healthy What I Eat In A Day! These meals should suit absolutely everyone! Super quick and easy to make, no fuss and taste amazing.

For breakfast I had hummus, raw carrots, miniature sweet pepper and tomatoes. I love this because it’s incredibly quick. All you have to do is chop up some vegetables and open a tub, yet you’re not compromising your health. I had it with some kefir mixed in with orange and mango juice. Kefir is fermented milk, usually goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or both. I know it sounds awful but it taste SO good and it’s really high in probiotics. I would drink it by itself but I fancied some juice, a little treat!


For lunch I had a rice wrap with chicken, pepper, onion, avocado, spinach and hoisin sauce. Again, super easy to make. I buy my chicken already cooked so all I had to do was chop up some vegetables once again! I had this with a tall glass of water. I try to have 2L a day,


For dinner I wasn’t overly hungry but I never skip meals. I made some stewed apple and settled in to watch the The Great British Bake Off. I find when I watch the bake off I need to eat something while I watch it and it has to be sweet otherwise I go stir crazy. This was the perfect healthy option, especially coming into winter!


I then got into bed with my Hydrate M8 bottle and watched some Youtube videos. I was feeling a bit hungry because I had a small dinner so instead of reaching for the chocolate, I had a banana.

Let me know if you would like me to post more What I Eat In A Day’s. Follow my on my Instagram because I post most of my meals there! Link at the bottom of the page.

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