An Interview With Lucy Wyndham-Read

An Interview With Lucy Wyndham-Read

As you know I started this blog to document my weight loss journey. The good, the bad and the truth. If you are a long time reader you know I never stop banging on about Lucy. It is Lucy’s workouts that I do and absolutely swear by. I am honoured to have been able to interview Lucy for the first in the series of my “Fitness Interviews”. I asked Lucy for a little bit of background just in case any of you didn’t know who she was, although I highly doubt that!

Q: Who is Lucy and what is she about?

I have been involved in fitness for over 25 years, it all started when I was 19 and went off to join the army. (this is where I fell in love with fitness) After 5 years I left the army and went off to pursue a career in fitness. I qualified as Personal trainer. I then had a dream to write a fitness and wellness book and within a year I had my first book internationally published. This lead to lots of exciting opportunities such as, my own columns in newspapers and magazines. I then went on to present fitness as an expert in the media for channels from BBC, Sky and Channel 4. However for me, the best thing has been social media and having my own platform to teach fitness and motivation worldwide through my online community #lucyssquad.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone struggling to lose weight?

A: I always stress that you need to do 5 things to lose weight. They are cardio, toning, eating healthy foods, eating the right size portions and most importantly have determination to stick to it. That way you get results.

Q: What got you into training and training other people around the world?

A: I have always been passionate about helping people and teaching them how easy it is to get results. I see so many awful gimmicks promising weight loss from pills, sweets, shakes, teas and belts claiming to give you a six-pack. None of these work, fact, and worse still, so many people (celebs and even fitness influencers) get paid a fortune to promote these. The sad thing is people fall for it. So as a qualified trainer I like to set the record straight no teabag or gimmick is ever going to work. And as for protein, have people forgotten we can simply just include protein naturally in our diet? My mission is to educate and keep #lucyssquad fit and healthy without any rubbish.

Q: If you could tell a person to do just one thing to make them happy, healthy, confident or lose weight, what would it be?

A: Believe in yourself because if you truly want something you will get it,  but to do this you have to love and believe in yourself and never compare yourself to anyone else as it is you that you should be focusing on.

Q: How did you find HIIT was the best for you and everyone else to tone up/lose weight? 

A: I started doing HIIT back in 1990 long before it was even called HIIT. It was a form of training I used in the army, and over the last 20 years I have adapted and put a twist on it with my shorter workouts. I did this by using multi compound and directional moves. I have always sworn by this type of training and now it is in fashion in the fitness world. However, for me it has always been the number one.

Q: Were your workout videos for the disabled/injured inspired by anyone or anything in particular?

A: So many channels I feel are more about looks to me. How to look amazing, how wonderful my life is, showing off 6 packs and so on. I found that no one really offered any thing for people who were maybe not as able and I like to make everyone feel equal, amazing and their best. Which is why I wanted to do seated workouts in case someone came to my channel and was unable to do a standing workout. I did not want them to think I had not thought of them. I have had so many lovely comments on these videos and plan to do lots more.

Q: Would you ever consider opening your own fitness space?

A: Never say never, but I love how everything is working right now with the videos, ebooks and my online one-to-one training plans.

Q: Would you ever consider doing “Lucy’s camp” where people go for 2 weeks as a kind of health and exercise retreat?

A: Yes, this is something I would love to do, in the future. As well as focusing on self belief and chasing your dreams of course.

Q: What’s your favourite workout video?

A: I love all the HIIT videos and just randomly pick a 4 minute one to do every morning.

Q: What’s your favourite workout move?

A: Skaters lunge, as it tones near enough every muscle and gets the heart rate up.

Q: What’s your favourite healthy meal?

A: Mashed sweet potatoes with tuna, red onion, fresh coriander and a little natural yoghurt (so simple and easy).

Q: What are your must haves for working out?

A: Music and it has to be loud, I can’t workout without it.

Q: Your favourite brands for fitness clothing and footwear?

A: Wellicious is my favourite for fitness gear and I love my Nikes.

Q: Is there any equipment you would recommend having, yoga ball, resistant band etc?

A: Yoga ball and resistant band. Then you simply have a multi gym without the need for anything else.

Q: What would you say to your younger self who was feeling down and lacking confidence because of her weight?

A: You are your harshest critic. Stop over analysing and start believing in yourself. What makes a person special is also what is in the inside.

Q: Any words of wisdom? 

A: Knowledge is power – is the best advice ever.

Q: What is your secret for looking and staying looking so young?

A: Trust me I don’t see that. We all age and we can’t stop it, but we can stay healthy and fit. Age is just a number.

Q: Any regrets along the way?

A: A million regrets that I trusted so many people and a million regrets that I let them treat me the way they did. But no regrets on my actions. I have always put in 100 percent and always will, and with social media it gave me a platform to go alone.

Q: Would you ever do merchandise?

A: I would love to design leggings, as I feel it is so hard to find the perfect pair.

Q: Do you have any tips for staying away from sugar over Christmas?

A: It is all about balance so a little won’t hurt, but if you opt for eating more protein foods you will feel less need for the sugar.

Q: Is there any healthy food you can’t stand?

A: Hate broccoli. (yuk)

Q: You recommend people to measure themselves and not weigh themselves. How often do you recommend they should do it?

A: Measure every 14 days.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure snack?

A: Chocolate.

Q: I really admire you for your “date night with myself” it’s something I personally don’t think I’d ever be able to do. What inspired it? Do you find it calming/relaxing/ or do you people watch all night? (I would!)

A: I have been single for a long time and most of my friends are married so I can’t expect them to give up a night to go out for dinner with me, so if I fancy eating out, I now go on my own and I love it. I don’t care if people look at me because, as you get older, you get more confident and so that just goes over my head. Plus eating out on your own means you don’t have to share the pudding.

A huge thank you to Lucy for doing this for me! I am going to be interviewing some of my readers and indeed people who are going to do, are doing and have done (with great success) Lucy’s workouts. If you would like to be interviewed and share your story connect with me on social media (links below) or leave a comment! Don’t forget to subscribe ☺️

– A.

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